How many trains pass through Fraser daily?

It varies, however, a recent report from Union Pacific, which owns this portion of the railroad, shows there are approximately six freight trains at night, five freight trains in the day and two Amtrak passenger trains daily, for an approximate total of 13 trains per day. Trains are required by law to sound their horn at grade crossings. The two Amtrak trains constitute the California Zephyr route. Train #5 is westbound from Chicago to Emeryville (San Francisco) and train #6 is eastbound from Emeryville (San Francisco) to Chicago. The remainder or the trains are mixed merchandise trains, some coal trains and the occasional track repair train. Often, in summer months, you may see a privately owned car attached to the end of one of the Amtrak trains - some are quite elaborate and remind us of the glory days of travel by train. 

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