Fraser Breweries, Distilleries & Bars

Fraser has numerous options for craft cocktails, local breweries, and drinks. Whether it be a craft brew at Fraser River Beer Co, Camber Brewing Company, Vicious Cycle, a cocktail at Fraser Valley Distillery, or a glass of merlot at Winter Park Winery, your thirst will be quenched with local flavor. 

Fraser River Beer Co


Our brewery is a quaint local gathering place located at 8600′ in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Fraser, Colorado. Our beer is brewed in small handcrafted batches using the finest Colorado-grown malt, hops, and yeast we can source.

Fraser Valley Distilling

Fraser Valley Distilling

Stop by Fraser Valley Distillery for local craft spirits, cocktails and food. Don't miss out on their stellar brunch menu and lavender gin! Our award-winning spirits combined with a strong knowledge of mixology, present a wonderful plethora of cocktails guaranteed to please every possible palate.

Tin Cup Tavern

Tincup Tavern

Step into our modern-day wild west. At its core, this tavern is a place for communities to connect and experience the lifestyle that is unique to Grand County. So come sit down, kick back, enjoy a drink, meet some new folks, and don’t be timid to share your wild ideas. .

Fisher's Bar

Fishers Bar

Fisher's Bar is a local favorite. Stop in for the Friday fish fry or other home-cooked favorites. If live music, great food and classic cocktails are your things, stop by Fisher's!

Winter Park Winery

Winter Park Winery

Located in Downtown Fraser along US Highway 40, the Winter Park Winery prides itself on its wine, small town charm and great atmosphere. Like the wine, it offers a bold, rich and flavorful spice to the local community and invites locals and visitors alike to come and experience the festivities.

Camber Brewing Co


Camber Brewing Company is a mostly self-funded venture. The vast majority of the work to build the business and renovate the space we are currently in was done by Nick and Karen themselves, with some help from friends and family along the way

Vicious Cycle Brewing

Vicious Cycle Brewing

The name Vicious Cycle Brewing Company is referring to the “vicious cycle of life” where everything is the same and life has become routine and boring. We, Nathan Watt and Rebecca Bierden found ourselves in that vicious cycle in 2014.