Backflow Prevention Program

Cross-Connection Control Program

The Town of Fraser’s Backflow Prevention Program is also known as its Cross-Connection Control Program.

Water normally flows in one direction, from the public water system through the customer’s plumbing system to a sink tap or other plumbing fixture. Uncontrolled cross-connections allow pollutants or contaminants to flow the wrong way, back into the safe drinking water system. 

Uncontrolled cross-connections can create serious health hazards. The Town of Fraser Backflow Prevention Program/Cross-Connection Control Program addresses Article 12 of the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations which prohibits uncontrolled cross-connections. 

The installation of backflow prevention assemblies on the customer’s water service provides protection for the public water system. These assemblies are required in the Town of Fraser as part of the Backflow Prevention Program.

Consumers may take additional safety measures to ensure the safety of their plumbing system. The requirements are adequate for proper backflow prevention, however, your plumber may suggest a backflow prevention device that could provide a higher degree of protection and its cost could be less. This is something to discuss with your plumber.

The State and Town currently require all backflow prevention assemblies in commercial properties, multi-family residences and single-family houses with fire suppression systems to have an annual test/inspection by a Certified Cross Connection Control Technician. A list of State certified testers can be found at

More information about the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is available at their phone is 303-692-2000.

More information can be found at the Colorado Backflow Prevention Association at

Town of Fraser rules and regulations regarding cross-connections are in the Fraser Municipal Code, Section 13-2-50(h)

The Town has produced a brochure, which may help you better understand cross-connection.

Backflow Testers:
A1 Backflow Testing – Edgewater - 720-534-8985
AJ’s Backflow Testing – Greeley – 970-352-3090
Cintas Fire Protection - Westminster - 303-455-3340  
Colorado Backflow Testing - Louisville - 303-995-3489  
H2O Fire Protection - Commerce City - 303-761-7755  
High Country Backflow – Fraser – 970-363-6655
Prather Plumbing & Heating – Granby - 970-880-0043
Western States Fire - Centennial - 303-792-0022