Cozens Ranch Open Space




This page is dedicated to the Master Plan for the Fraser River Corridor through Cozens Ranch Open Space. This 120-acre open space area is the largest intact piece of healthy riparian habitat in the Town of Fraser and Winter Park. It includes over 3 miles of the Fraser River, an expansive floodplain that serves as vital wildlife habitat and is an important recreational amenity for the Town of Fraser. This Master Plan was funded by a $65,000 Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Planning Grant.  

The purpose of this Master Plan is to create a community driven vision for Cozens Ranch Open Space that identifies needs, goals and strategies to activate this under utilized 120 acre open space asset. 

To achieve this vision, the Master Plan used public input and technical analysis to create the following goals. These goals influenced the Master Plan recommendations and should be used as a guide for future design in the corridor. 

GOAL #1: Create an implementable community driven vision for Cozens Ranch Open Space that identifies open space needs, goals
and strategies to activate this under-utilized 120-acre open space asset and acquire additional funding with project partners for
priority projects in 2018.
GOAL #2: Build a consensus for the planning effort with the desired outcome of protecting the land, river and wildlife while increasing
river access, recreational activities and educational opportunities in order to connect residents and visitors to the beauty and
serenity of the Fraser River.
GOAL #3: Protect, connect and inspire.
GOAL #4: Use the Fraser River Corridor as a major local and regional asset to expand the existing tourist industry and to build and
support economic diversification.
GOAL #5: Develop a balance between recreation and preservation to create a successful river corridor in Cozens Ranch Open Space.
GOAL #6: Activate the Lions Ponds area through the creation of a safe, visible riverside park, which provides ADA accessible
opportunities that support the inclusion of all user groups.
GOAL #7: Improve parking within and enhance public transportation to get to the project area.
GOAL #8: Increase internal pedestrian and bicycle circulation through the creation of looped trails and trail connections to adjacent
neighborhoods in the Fraser Valley.
GOAL #9: Increase user safety by minimizing conflicts between user groups, improve visibility and reduce pedestrian and wildlife
GOAL #10: Reduce pet waste in order to improve quality of the open space experience and mitigate the negative impact on water

Phase I Pilot Project 

The initial Pilot Project recommended in the Master Plan has been completed! The Town of Fraser hired Skinny Traffic Trails to complete the project. Skinny Traffic Trails is a local company based in Fraser who dedicates their passion and livelihood to creating high quality, well built and sustainable trail experiences to all people of all ages/abilities who choose to enjoy the outdoor environment. This project reconstructed the majority of the trails around the Lions Ponds to provide ADA access and planted a border of 50+ shade trees around the Lions Ponds. Thank you to all involved. This Pilot Project will help build momentum for additional Master Plan improvements. The Town Board is diligently working on the next steps for implementing the recommendations in the Fraser River Corridor Master Plan through Cozens Ranch Open Space. Stay engaged!

Pilot Project Snip

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