Liquor and 3.2% beer licenses are valid for one year. Not less than 45 days prior to the expiration of the license, an application for renewal of the license must be filed with the Town Clerk, along with the appropriate fees.

Renewal Process

The Colorado Department of Revenue mails a renewal application to the licensee approximately four months prior to the expiration of the license. The renewal application will note the state license fee. Please contact the Town Clerk for the local license fees. The completed renewal application, Form DR8495 along with the state and local fees, must be submitted to the Town Clerk for approval.

The Town Clerk will forward the application and state fees to the Colorado Department of Revenue. Renewed licenses will be sent to the Town Clerk, who will notify the licensee when the state and local licenses are available to be picked up.


If the liquor license is allowed to expire, the licensee can still renew the license within 90 days after expiration. Late renewals are subject to a Town fee of $500, in addition to the Colorado Department of Revenue late fees and normal renewal fees.