Water System Flushing

The Utility Division conducts annual water main line flushing and fire hydrant valve exercising operations every spring, typically beginning in late May. This operation takes approximately four weeks to accomplish. The flushing and exercising activities are necessary for the following reasons: removal of sedimentation that accumulates in the water pipes over time; operating the line valves and fire hydrants to ensure they are in proper working order; and to maintain water quality. 

Woman releasing/flushing water from fire hydrant

Issues with Water During Flushing

During this flushing event, sedimentation in the main lines may be stirred up causing the water in the service line to the home faucets to have a discoloration (a reddish tint) and / or air (cloudy appearance) as well as taste and odor issues. 

These issues can generally be cured by running water from the faucets for several minutes, or until the water runs clear. To prevent the possibility of staining articles of clothing during a wash cycle, it is also recommended that a load of wash water be passed through the washing machine prior to placing any laundry into the machine.