Plowing Details


Property owners are responsible for clearing the snow berm left behind in their driveways following Town snow plowing operations, which may occur more than once during a 24 hour period. Every effort is taken to minimize this condition; however, it is not feasible for the Public Works crews to return and remove these berms.

Sidewalks &Trails*

The Town clears some sidewalks and trails throughout town in an effort to maintain safe passage for pedestrians. However, it is the ultimate responsibility of all property owners to keep that portion of sidewalk(s) adjoining their property clear of snow and ice. Such snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours following a snowfall or accumulation of a snowdrift. Pedestrian and bike paths are cleared as time allows and after all other roadway snow and ice control operations are completed.

Private Property Snow Removal*

“Property owners are prohibited from pushing, placing or storing snow in or onto the public ROW and must place said snow back on to their property.” Property owners are responsible for providing snow storage on their property. It is unlawful for any person to place snow on any portion of a public right-of-way, state highway, street, alley, sidewalk, or driveway constructed as a continuation of sidewalk or bike or pedestrian path in town.

Private Streets, Walks & Trails

There are a number of private streets, walks and trails throughout town which are typically maintained by a homeowners association or developer and receive no Town maintenance.

Slush & Snow Pack Removal

Over time, snow and ice pack builds up on the roadways and it is necessary to bring in specialized equipment to remove the pack. As a result of this operation chunks of packed snow and ice are deposited in driveway entrances. Town crews make every effort to minimize the inconvenience of this blockage and will remove this berm from the driveway as a part of this operation.

Traction Sand

A sand/salt mixture is applied at all intersections, curves, steep grades and on streets whenever conditions warrant the need to improve traction. Public Works uses on average 800 to 1,000 tons of a salt and sand mixture (approximately 7% salt-to-sand ratio) each winter season.

US Highway 40 (North Zerex Street) Maintenance

Maintenance of the through lanes of US Highway 40 in the Town is the responsibility of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Parking spaces that are located in the CDOT ROW in the business district are maintained by the Town.

Bulk Snow Storage

The Town maintains several snow storage sites throughout town. When those storage areas in town become full, crews haul away these piles of snow to dedicated off-site snow storage areas.

Some of these bulk storage areas are located on private property. The Town holds easements and written agreements with private property owners as well as other governmental agencies for these purposes.

*Note: Fraser Municipal Code - CHAPTER 11 - Streets, Sidewalks and Public Property