Noxious Weed Program

Mission and Resources

The Town of Fraser is committed to protecting the native plant communities, wildlife and water resources within its jurisdiction. The goal of noxious weed control will be achieved by raising public awareness through education, suppression and eradication of existing noxious weed populations, and preventing further spread of noxious weed growth into future areas.

The Town of Fraser implements its noxious weed program based on a mandate from the state. View the Colorado Noxious Weed Act. The state Agricultural Commissioner’s office maintains lists of noxious plants divided according to the following: List A - species new or not yet present in the state but proven threats to surrounding states, List B - species more common and widespread and List C - species so numerous and common that the goal is containment to present boundaries.

Grand County

The Town, because of its location within Grand County, complies with Grand County's Noxious Weed mandate from The Colorado Department of Agriculture to control and reduce the spread of noxious weeds in Grand County. The Grand County Department of Natural Resources has provided a plant list from the above mentioned Colorado ABC listing of Noxious Weeds found in Fraser town limits, which are mandatory to be controlled if identified. Fortunately, there are limited List A weeds; however, there are several List B weed communities currently growing in Town that are detrimental to the native ecosystems and pose a threat of proliferation in new areas of development.

The Town Noxious Weed Program

Within the current Municipal Code, The Town of Fraser’s Noxious Weed Program names only a few of these plants:  leafy spurge, Russian knapweed, spotted knapweed and diffuse knapweed. This list expands, by virtue of the State mandate, to include those plants on the state noxious weeds lists. These plants have spread to our area. Other weeds on the state list can migrate to our area at any time by any means, such as within seed mixes, within soil brought in for landscaping and even within plants purchased at a nursery. Learn more about commonly found noxious weeds.